I’ll Read This Again: How Blogging Teaches You To See – Taylor Pearson

Taylor Pearson Mini-Essay – Learning To See

It’s a interesting look at the fear and feeling that you have nothing to say, and pushing through to find your voice and what you want to talk about. And to build a habit.

Frankly, his essay could just as easily be: how to talk to strangers, or how to climb a hill, whatever.

Give yourself a reason or an excuse to try something, then try something. Provide some impetus to complete a critical step. Then psychological relevance makes you see it everywhere, and turn it over in your head and actually see the other angles. Even interact with others with similar interests.


P.S. So do you stay up late catching up on posts and pages that get you excited and feel inspirational so you get something pleasant off the internet before you go to sleep? I’ve often used television for that, sometimes reading. But how do we keep that little spike of happiness from keeping you up even longer? Personally I am still trying to figure out how to capture that feeling in the morning when an alarm goes off and what I love most in the morning is staying in bed longer….

I’ll Read This Again: How Blogging Teaches You To See – Taylor Pearson was originally published on Creative Uploads


Keep Your Gears Turning

Bunch of Gears TurningIf you want to be creative, be creative. You can be creative in your head, washing dishes, walking down the street *, talking,  writing, singing, thinking.

You don’t have to do it constantly, you should just do it consistently, even is just occasionally.

And if you don’t get a kick out of it, that’s your solution. Okay. Myself, it charges me up.

Now if you want to share that creativity beyond your typical environment, build it up as a habit, then take that creativity and use it to come up with the next step.

How should I know what the next step is?  I’m just blogging. Hey…

THAT’s a step. Putting it down somewhere shareable, or reproduceable, or as a shape that can be molded, or a sketch that can serve as a blueprint…. Taking it out of your head in a way that you can hand it to someone else and say look, or don’t look. Laugh. Feel. Growl.

Anyway, it’s just an idea I had.


* What Monty Python knows about walking…. Silly Walks sketch

P.S. Sometimes creativity is stupid. So what. Sometimes it seems to require bravery, or maybe just foolishness. SO WHAT? Keep the gears turning. They can raise the corners of your mouth into a smile, or a smirk. Keep it moving.





Keep Your Gears Turning was originally published on Creative Uploads