I Can Haz Prisma Update? 

Creative uploads prisma cat photography cameraphone filter

Prisma on Android is up to date like its IOS sibling with a feature I CAN put my finger on. You can drag and drop your chosen styles into whatever order you want.

Just press, hold and drag to rearrange your favorites. This is in addition to the Store icon you see on the lower left, which lets you manage styles, add some new ones and “remove” ones you don’t want (essentially hiding them.) That’s been there for a while.

Still all free (though I have my suspicions there will be premium ones someday), the real app links are at http://prisma-ai.com (many spoof versions out there.)


  •  Hey, I don’t miss the auto crop to square, but I would like to be able to crop in the app someday. 
  • In an earlier post about Prisma I mentioned (and then emailed Prisma support about) possible privacy issues in their social site, which forces you to enable location settings to post, so they can localize the feed. But they never got back to me about my questions of whether it then embedded the location info in the pictures themselves. Concern and caution but not yet a deal-breaker for me in the app, just still don’t use the social site.

But look, catz!


P.S. This is my accountant’s cat. It’s sweet but I’m allergic, so in lieu if petting it I told it I would make it internet famous. Well, we meowed at each other, I don’t speak fluent cat….

Creative uploads prisma cat photography cameraphone filter

I really do enjoy these silly styles. This one’s “Vivid,”one of the new ones, “Udnie” is the featured image, always one of my favorites. The one atop this page literally tells you what it is.

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Android Catches Up On Prisma

Not only did the photo-into-painting Prisma app create a style for International Women’s Day (nice),

Creative upload photo camera

… they have also already updated the Android app to match the Store feature just added on the iOS app.

I talked about that here in more detail. There are a few interface differences, and you have to add your desired styles on each device, but the feature set seems complete.

—– David

P.S. I wrote Prisma-ai.com support to ask about my location information concerns in their social section, but they haven’t gotten back to me.

P.P.S. Fiery Horse from one of the new styles in the store (sorry, forgot which one).

Creative upload camera photo prisma style

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What Does Prisma Have In Store For Us?

The iOS Prisma app (and presumably Android soon) now has a Store, represented by a tiny little storefront icon. Click on it to open the Store page and you will be greeted by a bunch of little icons.

Creative uploads Prisma app style filter store

There are a bunch of new “styles” though to be fair they include a lot of color swap type filters rather than the more artistically textured ones I like. But there are texture tricks here as well, like “Bubbles”, “Stones” and “Crystal”, which offers sharp edges and a blue cast. All these “New Releases” are still free, although I don’t know if they will figure out a way to start charging for them — I can’t imagine in this day and age that they won’t, at least for certain premium ones.

Below that is a “Popular In Your Country” section, which is self-explanatory and jibes with the international feel but localized content Prisma is pushing, especially in their social site, which forces you to turn on geolocation features to populate your feed with people near you.

Under there are “All The Old Styles” in case you missed something.

But my favorite feature is actually under the ribbon at the top of the page.

It takes you to a “My Styles”section where you can manage the styles you see in the app when processing photos.

Even better, you can tap any of the icons to see a collection of photos processed with that style, which lets you learn how it looks in different situations. This means that you can, as I like to urge you, pick the best style for your photo, and in fact shoot photos with the style in mind.

But it doesn’t stop there. With this update you can remove styles that you don’t care to use. What if you remove one that you want back? At the top of this ribbon page you can manage your style collection, adding and removing styles from the complete list of those available.

As a very early adopter I can tell you that it doesn’t have the “Palmolive” style that it launched with, for example, so the advertising styles seem temporary and I don’t know if they get renamed and come back — so far it doesn’t look like it.

All in all a pretty cool update, although I will say that I do not see the styles I added to the list on my iPad showing up in my Android app yet. I would imagine that is because you cannot yet “manage” the list in Android (which has not been updated as I write this; it always lags behind), not because the styles are incompatible.

As always I will note there are many fake copies of this app out there. The one I use is available through Prisma-ai.com and is a universal free app. Don’t pay some scammer $10 for an iPad version.

.—– David

P.S. Can I say: I don’t feel insecure about giving Prisma my location info for the feed. My personal problem is that I do not like to take photos that I post publicly with location information embedded in them, and I do not know if allowing the app to see the info will in fact embed very specific coordinates in the image, or if it simply uses it to group my feed with the city I live in, and not, let’s say, center the map on my house.

I turn on location info when I’m on a trip because I don’t care about people knowing where I’ve been, but I don’t publicly advertise addresses where I sleep and work.

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Her Name Is Rio

creative uploads cactus saguaro photography


And she really likes Duran Duran (my wife) so I thought the new Prisma style would be a nice fit.

Yes, those are tall, real saguaros, planted in a pattern outside a museum. One of the benefits of living in Arizona is seeing them around a bit. Though cactus needles are far from friendly.

Prisma is user-friendly though, so far. I mentioned earlier I wasn’t a fan of the misleading upload page that “encourages”you to sign up for their social service by not making it clear you don’t have to, at least on Android. The iOS app seems a little clearer but that may be because I use it on the iPad and the real estate makes it easier to decipher.

And my iPad is currently updating to the latest version of Prisma, which mentioned something about a “store” for styles, and I believe something about getting points for using their social site, so I hope they don’t muddy things up.


P.S. Now that it’s gone, I miss having a square Prisma output, sometimes. I prefer shooting in a non-square format but now there is no crop tool it all and I do like to edit.

P.P.S. My wife’s name is not actually Rio. She has infrequently danced upon sand.

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Disco Lives!

Creative uploads prisma

Never thought I’d have to write that headline. But the featured image today (repeated below) was processed with Prisma’s latest style, Disco. 

As always don’t get the fake ones, it’s available through prisma-ai.com and is a free universal app.

Above is Old-Fashioned which seemed fitting for this secure undisclosed location featuring old signs that do not even reflect its current use.

Also old-fashioned is this square format that the Android app still has while iOS has gone wide. Both apps now feature a Prisma social site I haven’t activated yet. (C’mon, I can barely feed what I have.)

Also the app demands that you turn on geolocation in order to post so it can create local feeds, which is great, but I don’t want to tag my photos with geolocation. I turn it on when on trips but off at home. Would be nice if they let you assign a city or zip code instead.

I thought I was just going to post a couple of photos today and not write anything on this post and on I go. Well off I go.


P.S. And I thought it looked nice with the Roland style. More like a painting than a filter, which is really the point of the app.

Creative uploads prisma

P.P.S. Disco is dead. That’s where we started right? (I still have a Bee Gees 45 in my collection, alongside “Le Freak” though)

Creative uploads prisma

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Westward Ho, Phoenix

I love this building, once the tallest, fanciest hotel in Phoenix (ooh and air-conditioned!), favorite stop of movie stars, politicians and celebrities. It’s not the one from Psycho, but it was in a few movies, and that tower on top was erected in 1949 to broadcast the first television station in the Valley Of The Sun. Given from 1928 to 1960 it was the tallest building in the city, it was a good choice. And the tower is taller than the building!

Before my time, but still standing. It became a home for low-income seniors, and I just loved the idea that there might have been people that always wanted the chance to stay there when they were young who got to live there. I’m also hoping that’s sweet and not ironic, but the owners have done well keeping it up.

An HDR taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note  4 and filtered via the Google Photos Assistant.*


* I’ve taken higher resolution pictures of this building with a “real” camera, but viewed on the web those higher pixels don’t matter much, and since I don’t have to crop this for a digital zoom, you just can’t tell. Now if you wanted a poster, that could get ugly.

P.S. Classy old lobby

Some cool history and photos 

P.P.S. Wikipedia of course

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Delicious Prisma Style Choices Updated

Burger me

Prisma now has about 30 filter styles, including “Caribbean” and “We Can Do It,” which is inspired by the classic Rosie The Riveter color palettes.

I think “Caribbean” is new too but I don’t have a list from when they started. It’s also hard to remember given that the order changed as you use them. In the bad news department, I know there was a “Impressionist” style that had Palmolive written over it – possibly a sponsor – and that one is not on my list, meaning they may drop styles as well. Think there is an absent hyphenated variation on #GetUrban too.

This is great if you want things to change and make sure people don’t wear out a certain Style of course, but bad if you have a favorite that turns out not to be one of theirs. But there are more than there were….

— David

P.S. Remember there are fake versions all over the place. The real one is free and linked to Prisma-ai.com

P.P.S. You can stack Styles! I used the We Can Do It filter to simplify one, then added a Mosaic to that, which I brought down just a touch. Remember to plan ahead while taking a picture. My favorites feel lit and composed like a painting before I get to Priysma. Really wish out weren’t stuck in square format though.

Porcelain pony

Through the porthole (from a Spockboy photo of the original model on display at the Smithsonian )

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Prisma Is Available for Android!

Red Piano

It’s hard to find the right one and it’s buggy, but it’s there!

The real one from Prisma Labs will say the real website which is Prisma-ai.com so don’t let the rest of them fool you.

OR click here for Android   

AND here for IOS

And you can’t just save photos on demand like in the iOS version. There’s no icon for that yet. You can email them to yourself, and then back up in the app to change the style, or you can go to settings and choose save them automatically. When I did this they didn’t seem to be saving, so I rebooted my phone (something you should do occasionally anyway) so it could start fresh and read all the configuration files. That’s when my gallery added a Prisma folder which had the previously saved pictures, now visible, and it collects the new ones, so I can post inside and outside the app.

And yes you can shoot outside the app and then modify with Prisma.

I saw a cropping issue before rebooting where it showed what I chose but trimmed extra off the bottom and left on the actual export, so watch for that.


P.S. When I tried the Share button to post to Tumblr it seemed to crash Tumblr when it opened and go back to Prisma. I discovered later that it opened Tumblr with the picture ready and then switched back. So if that happened to you, try tapping the app task bar and switching back to Tumblr so you can finish your post.

P.P.S. Not sure it posted everything I asked, but my Tumblr crossposts to Facebook are sometimes flaky, so not blaming the app yet.


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Filtered Through A Prisma

I have a love-hate relationship with my Android phone camera as you may know. Well, love-irritated relationship. I like my iPad Air camera even less since they didn’t bother putting a better camera in the iPad for far too long. It’s always lagged behind the iPhone in specs.

But I have been enjoying it today because of the Prisma app, only on iOS at the moment, from prisma-ai.com. Using neural net and artificial intelligence, according to the developers, it repaints your photo in your choice of numerous artistic Styles in seconds, which you can save, post easily Instagram or Facebook, or forward to another app or site connected to your device. 

It’s not exactly a filter, but you can blend the Style result with your original by swiping, and when going into Instagram you can apply their filters as well. It saves your original if you take photos in the app, or you can open something from your camera roll. It works in square format only, so there’s a crop tool, which you can size with and rotate by 90° at a time. I urge you to consider the styles you might apply while you were planning and shooting the pictures because this can lead to some very excellent results.

It’s an iPhone app so it’s not sized to take advantage of the real estate on the iPad and I haven’t checked on the output resolution yet, but I won’t expect to print giant posters. Still it’s fun and inspires you to take different kinds of photos and edit and share. And that’s the kind of thing that inspired this blog.

So check it out. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/prisma-art-photo-editor-free/id1122649984?mt=8

I’ll probably talk more about it later, the Android version is planned for the end of July. Price: Free. Probably will have in-app purchases for more features — they have to pay for this stuff somehow — but very little info on the website at the moment. There seems to be a sponsored filter/feature from Palmolive right now.


P.S. Here’s a gushy review with some cool info that I found while looking for the main website (which is not prismaapp.com, a strange little site has other gushy stuff about them….)

P.P.S. They make no ownership claims  on your work and I don’t see a line about not using the results commercially yourself though I may have missed it. They do get a license to use your creations royalty free without paying you, in pretty much any way they like, and forbid you from using otherwise copyrighted materials to start your creation, so no Mickey Mouse or Obama Hope photos, right? Just so you know going in. But that boilerplate is usually in place so they can promote their app and publish your material online in the first place. The Devil’s bargain we make to play on the Internet. 

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