Hey, Mr. Spaceman – The Musical

I decided to finally record the John Glenn parody song I posted lyrics for the other day.

Here’s the YouTube blurb as background:

Honoring astronaut John Glenn’s passing: in 1998 there was some controversy on sending John Glenn on the space shuttle at 77 in an expensive mission instead of other qualified candidates. I wrote this tongue-in-cheek political parody to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” but never recorded it. So here’s a recording, with all the possible verses (in the real world some would have been dropped to fit the original song). Hey 2016, thanks for bookending the inspiration. Now quit it.

Since this blog is about the dreaming, creation and publication of artistic endeavors, it felt like I ought to finally record a version and share it somehow, right? At least it took me less than twenty years. And I didn’t have the publication outlets then that we do know, where it can not exist one day and be available worldwide the next (not necessary known but at least available).

I also left in all the verses, breaking an important rule of parody songs: get in, state the joke and get out before it’s worn out it’s welcome. Hey, that applies top a lot of other things too. But it’s a historical document at this point, so there’s the whole draft. Just to show how editing can help focus something and make it better even if you have to leave out a joke you like.

Hope you make it to the end.


P.S. Tang really was marketed as the breakfast drink of the astronauts. There’s a hilarious double entendre in that these days but it was a more innocent time. By the shuttle missions Welch’s had replaced it as the powdered drink sent up on missions. Ironically, Congress likes to welch on their promises to properly fund NASA. Go figure.

I just imagined
how long an unedited
haiku would become, i mean can you imagine if the guy just wouldn’t shut up and kept spouting aphorisms and potentially insightful observations with no understanding of the reader’s mental digestion ability?

Note to self: edit more, talk less.


Hey, Mr. Spaceman – The Musical was originally published on Creative Uploads


Hey, Mr. Spaceman

So back in 1998 when there was some controversy about sending John Glenn up again at his age and in an expensive mission, I wrote this parody to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” Thanks for bookending the inspiration, 2016. Now quit it.
I thought he was great even if Shepard beat him up, he took the space race into orbit.
Here's a western scene: This is a stickup! Reach for the sky!
Space Oddity 1998 lyrics by David Watson, music by David Bowie
Ground Con-trol to Ma-jor Glenn
Ground Con-trol to Ma-jor Glenn
Take your vi-ta-mins and put on your De-pends
Ground Con-trol to Ma-jor Glenn
The guy from Wheat-ies called a-gain
Can you read me? Put your hear-ing aid back in.
This is Ground Con-trol to Old John Glenn
Turn your left blink-er o-o—off
‘Cause it’s been on since you missed that a-ste-ro-oi-d
And the a-li-ens be-hind you are a-nnoy-ed–
He trained Spock, Mc-Coy and Cap-tain Kirk
So NA-SA, have no fe–ar—
He’s the on-ly thing up there o-lder than Mi-ir
Well, ex-cept the hip that got re-placed last yea-e–e-ar
Here am I sit-ting in the ship’s can
Thanks-to fi-ber pillsPla-net
Earth is green, but it’s no-thing I’ve not-seen
I may have been se-cond all a-long, but I’m still in the race
Like Viagra I’m back up where I belong – My frequent
flier miles beat Shepard and Arm-stro-o-o-ong
I got a sen-ior dis-count on the suit And made the Se-nate pay
and I hope my space-walk makes it on C-SPAN
So my grand-kids can all see me wave my ha-a-a-and
Here am I sitting in a tin can, Looking for the Tang
The spaceship’s have all changed, but the planet looks the same
This is Ma-jor Glenn to Ground Con-trol
I’m step-ping through the hatch and I’ve fall-en, can’t get up, but I can fly
Got-ta go now, Meals on Ro-ckets com-ing by-y-y-aye
Oh Ground Con-trol to Ma-jor Glenn you for-got your hel-met, come
back in
Can you hear me, Ma-jor Glenn?
Can you hear me, Ma-jor Glenn, Can you
Here am I, float-ing in my mem-ories
Far too old for this
Planet Earth is pissed, but it’s some-thing that I missed.
(Who cares what it cost to get back something that we lost…..)
(converted from a WordPerfect document: time flies….)

Hey, Mr. Spaceman was originally published on Creative Uploads