Solo Work Gets A Gold Star

Saw this recently in a teacher lounge. It gave me A New Hope.

Han Solo Star Wars pun creative uploads

And a bad pun.

What inspires you to make things, even silly ones? Does it come naturally or do you cultivate opportunities to improve your productivity?

I used to have some concerns with that, perhaps thinking if it wasn’t organic it might not be pure enough to reach artistic heights.

That’s crap. Improvisation, serendipity, structure, craven commercialism, planning, editing, incremental steps: they all have a place in creation and can bring us to an artistic result.

Or not.

But that’s for the audience to judge. And you can’t be the audience in the middle of creation; you’re too close in space and time to get the full picture.

First, make something. Then step back and let somebody else look at it.

Who cares what they think? That’s a different story.


P.S. I like a lot of stuff I put together; some people hate their own stuff. But I enjoy the process and that’s enough to get to the next thing. Which is sometimes the salve on the wounds from the previous experience.

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A Selfish Thought?

Had an artistic inspiration the other day and decided to finally play with one of the too many apps on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, an Autodesk freebie under an icon: Sketchbook for Galaxy (Autodesk Sketchbook Pro for Galaxy)

There’s another full Autodesk branded version on the phone too that I must have downloaded as a bonus for buying the phone, called Autodesk Sketchbook.  It looks like these are available on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows, with a free version and a much more expansive subscription version at about $5 a month, which looks amazing for artists.

It lets you draw with your finger or the pressure sensitive pen and do layers, resize, mirror, basic selections and image import and export (even as a PSD) — pretty typical ideas these days but amazing for being literally in the palm of your hand and far beyond the capabilities of just a few years ago. The PSD export means you can start an idea and continue it in a lot of other programs too, photo, video and illustration apps all support that format and the layers and vectors it might carry.

At first glance my artsy message seems self-aggrandizing, but by placement it’s really meant to be a three word plea. I have a couple others on this theme I’ll probably share later.


P.S. I keep so many apps on my devices because I think I will try them out or use them — albeit rarely –that sometimes I forget I have them and whether it’s a good tool. Who has a good method for organizing and tracking this? A Try out to do list? Play with me folders?

P.P.S. The other thing I like about this is that when I read it from myself, it’s inspirational and not an aspirational request.

P.P.P.S. I didn’t mean to write a mini review but since I started to (and then WordPress lost the latest draft – boo –) here’s the feature comparison list:


  • Optimized pen-based workflow
  • 16 Brushes
  • 3 Layers
  • Symmetry
  • Ruler and ellipses
  • Quick transform

PRO version   $29.99/ year   (and this may be across all devices because it is login-based)

  • Brush Library with 100+ brushes
  • Create and customize your own brushes
  • Synthetic, smudge, and glow brushes
  • Custom canvas size up to 64 MPX
  • Advanced layer functionality
  • Copic Color Library
  • Flipbook animation
  • Advanced perspective guides
  • Persistent selection tools
  • Distort transform
  • Dynamic gradient fill
  • French curves
  • Unlimited upgrades



A Selfish Thought? was originally published on Creative Uploads