Get: Audio tripod screw adapter to camera mount

I set up an Amazon store to share product links for items I am happy to own, to provide readers an honest recommendation and review from a real person.

On Stage CM01 Video Camera/Digital Recorder Adapter

This is a no-brainer — for under ten bucks you can get a hard to find adapter that screws to a 5/8″ standard microphone tripod and ends in a 1/4″ standard camera mount. It’s even got a screw ball mount to adjust the angle so you can frame your shot.

I wouldn’t put a particularly heavy camera on it though it is definitely good for a GoPro or smaller digital camera or camcorder.  The CM01 adapter is metal, not plastic. It locks in place so it’s not intended for panning and tilting, but depending on your tripod you might be able to work out something like a swing shot if needed.

I bought it after I nabbed a used heavy duty mic stand that set to rise 12 feet or so in the air or can boom overhead. I wanted to attach my Zoom H4N digital recorder to it, but it offered the camera size mount. Now I could screw a mic-shaped plastic handle onto the H4N and slide that into a mic mount then put it twelve feet up — No thanks. This gets screwed down tight and has served me well, plus it lets me easily aim the Zoom microphone array exactly where I want it.

Sometimes I add the GoPro to one of the posts using its much more expensive handlebar type mount which lets me put two things on the tripod. On my next shoot it will be in this mount though since the Zoom will be elsewhere. I will use a $4 GoPro to tripod head adapter for that one.

Anyway, check it out and read the reviews so you can consider any small issues some users have reported (like a loose padding strip) — myself I didn’t have any. I take negative reviews seriously but I also know people have to vent when they have issues more often than happy people report back on their joys.

This was a small joy. Well, a useful tool, but I was happy to find it after scouring hardware stores for a cheaper and less flexible solution.

— David.

P.S. I get a percentage of any sale made through my Amazon affiliate link at no additional cost to customers, which I think is fantastic. I used my order history to link literally to the exact products I am happy I bought, in most cases to the same company my order came through inside the Amazon umbrella.

P.P.S. I decided to link to some of the other items mentioned in this article so you could research them if interested, without having to go into a lot of detail here.  I do love my Zoom recorder. (These are the items but not always the store I used.)

  This Zoom H4n Audio Recorder link includes some great accessories for a portable device with a built in stereo mic and two Hi-Z/XLR inputs that can record four channels simultaneously.:

This is the newer Zoom H6N recorder that I wish I had: you can record six channels simultaneously versus four, plus interchangeable microphones.

Bargain! THREE GoPro tripod mounts for four bucks. You can put them on multiple tripods or lose a few and still be good to go.
GoPro Handlebar mount — there are some variations online from other sellers, this is the company one and it will not drop your camera on a rugged mountain road, but if you aren’t shaking things up and just mounting to a tripod a cheaper one will probably be secure enough.
I have the GoPro Hero 3+ Black but want the newer GoPro Hero 4 Black because it offers 4K recording at a useable frame rate, which you can shoot in and then crop to reframe your shot as you like while maintaining a high quality video image.
If you want a newer model with the quality but fewer bells and whistles, the GoPro Session is a lot cheaper but only shoots up to 1080p.

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