Advertising Pays The Bills

Creative uploads dogs photo filter prisma

I get it. Keep in mind if something is free but shouldn’t be, you might be the product. That doesn’t always mean shady, like this blog is free right? But we’re all trading for something: money, barter or attention.

Anyway, Prisma has a new style. It’s a free app from so how do they make money? This time it’s a style called “”, alongside the Land Rover one. This one doesn’t force a logo, either.

But good for them. Prisma found a way to pay something for all their hard work and provide something of value to all us leechers for the price we like best.

Like the Palmolive one they had in the very beginning, which I liked, I bet these branded ones are available for a limited time only.

And someday I may put up an ad for something I like, I suppose my Amazon store kind of does that.


P.S. Dr Pepper? Canon? Adobe? Where are you?

​P.P.S. Prisma has like 44 styles now. Still trying to understand them all but I am getting a better idea of which ones will best match a photo with my intended result. Comic version below. I like the spots for water sparkles and because it was cold and it reminds me of frost. Plus you can see both dogs’ faces.

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