Oh, It’s The Holidays…

This is when you have delightful inspiration and flashing lights and magical moments and music everywhere.

But no time to start or finish things.


Now Presenting

Where there’s no time to organize things, but you grab piles of boxes to take out things and scatter them around your house in an organized fashion.

When you end up on paved streets driving to malls and stores and houses, and yet many of us put up a literal tree, or symbolic one, in our house instead of getting out in nature.

Where in the season of love you don’t know what to say in case someone gets mad about being wished HappyMerryHannuKwanzmas….

We have weird holidays.

Keep it creative!


P.S. That’s from my first digital camera, a Sony which I still have. My niece, who would be mortified if I identified her, is now in high school and can’t be put in a box. But she’d probably still hop in for the joke.

Oh, It’s The Holidays… was originally published on Creative Uploads