Delicious Prisma Style Choices Updated

Burger me

Prisma now has about 30 filter styles, including “Caribbean” and “We Can Do It,” which is inspired by the classic Rosie The Riveter color palettes.

I think “Caribbean” is new too but I don’t have a list from when they started. It’s also hard to remember given that the order changed as you use them. In the bad news department, I know there was a “Impressionist” style that had Palmolive written over it – possibly a sponsor – and that one is not on my list, meaning they may drop styles as well. Think there is an absent hyphenated variation on #GetUrban too.

This is great if you want things to change and make sure people don’t wear out a certain Style of course, but bad if you have a favorite that turns out not to be one of theirs. But there are more than there were….

— David

P.S. Remember there are fake versions all over the place. The real one is free and linked to

P.P.S. You can stack Styles! I used the We Can Do It filter to simplify one, then added a Mosaic to that, which I brought down just a touch. Remember to plan ahead while taking a picture. My favorites feel lit and composed like a painting before I get to Priysma. Really wish out weren’t stuck in square format though.

Porcelain pony

Through the porthole (from a Spockboy photo of the original model on display at the Smithsonian )

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