Video Splitting With No Handicaps, er HDCP?

An inexpensive splitter I should add to my Amazon affiliate store when I am not playing hooky from my color correction project. But I don’t put usually things in the store that I haven’t personally used and can recommend.

Ok, I’ll put it in there so I can find it later: Link to item on my store page

It is apparently a little flexible about not locking things down for random HDCP enforcement so if you have issues with devices losing the handshake and dropping your signal, this would help you.

And if you passed it through a recording device you could still get an image. So my camera hdmi could feed a monitor and the Atomos Ninja digital field record I hook up to an older tape-based camera without using the passthrough on that (so many cables dancing around the camera setup, so easily pulled out when you use the recorder screen as a viewscreen.)


P.S. Because I don’t have enough screens already, or things to watch or room for more digital recordings especially after doing multi-cam, multi-night even shoots.

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