Recommended Serving, ha!

When you’re working on a big video project and you want a snack, maybe a giant soda and a whole bag of chips.

Then your tiny little inner voice says, “but what’s the recommended serving?”

About 11 chips. Damn you to hell, Doritos. Of course I piled the plate high.


P.S. I am not recommending this but if your cheesy chips are on a plate and you aren’t dehydrated, you can keep your fingers clean for your computer keyboard by grabbing with your tongue like some human lizard person. I have heard.

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Delicious Prisma Style Choices Updated

Burger me

Prisma now has about 30 filter styles, including “Caribbean” and “We Can Do It,” which is inspired by the classic Rosie The Riveter color palettes.

I think “Caribbean” is new too but I don’t have a list from when they started. It’s also hard to remember given that the order changed as you use them. In the bad news department, I know there was a “Impressionist” style that had Palmolive written over it – possibly a sponsor – and that one is not on my list, meaning they may drop styles as well. Think there is an absent hyphenated variation on #GetUrban too.

This is great if you want things to change and make sure people don’t wear out a certain Style of course, but bad if you have a favorite that turns out not to be one of theirs. But there are more than there were….

— David

P.S. Remember there are fake versions all over the place. The real one is free and linked to

P.P.S. You can stack Styles! I used the We Can Do It filter to simplify one, then added a Mosaic to that, which I brought down just a touch. Remember to plan ahead while taking a picture. My favorites feel lit and composed like a painting before I get to Priysma. Really wish out weren’t stuck in square format though.

Porcelain pony

Through the porthole (from a Spockboy photo of the original model on display at the Smithsonian )

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Set Audio Tracks In Encore

I wanted to add a second audio track option (maybe a third, I’m not done yet!) to the Blu-Ray and DVD discs I am working on, so I did a little Google-ing and found this clean clear walk-through online below results that were come-ons for paid tutorials (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if I am in the middle of a project, I don’t have time to watch a bunch of lessons and why would I sign up for a free trial or pay for that and start the clock ticking right away?)

Changing Audio Tracks in Encore

I don’t expect to be in the habit of just reposting other people’s links, but when I do I will give credit where it’s due, and this link will take you to Mike Gentilini, Jr.’s page, which I will be examining more sometime after I burn a bunch of discs.

I do plan to share solutions that were hard for me to find and especially useful in a crunch, in hopes of making them easier for other people (and maybe me) to find them later.


P.S. I bet these would work for subtitles too if you chose subtitles instead of audio assets.

P.P.S. Am I the only one who worries that when you set an audio track to something else it will stick that way and you will watch every movie from now on in Portuguese even though you speak English, and barely remember your college Spanish course – which doesn’t really overlap with Portuguese even though they are both romance languages?

P.P.P.S. Romanian, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese. A chant I still remember from a high school test as all the students were last-minute prepping.

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Video Splitting With No Handicaps, er HDCP?

An inexpensive splitter I should add to my Amazon affiliate store when I am not playing hooky from my color correction project. But I don’t put usually things in the store that I haven’t personally used and can recommend.

Ok, I’ll put it in there so I can find it later: Link to item on my store page

It is apparently a little flexible about not locking things down for random HDCP enforcement so if you have issues with devices losing the handshake and dropping your signal, this would help you.

And if you passed it through a recording device you could still get an image. So my camera hdmi could feed a monitor and the Atomos Ninja digital field record I hook up to an older tape-based camera without using the passthrough on that (so many cables dancing around the camera setup, so easily pulled out when you use the recorder screen as a viewscreen.)


P.S. Because I don’t have enough screens already, or things to watch or room for more digital recordings especially after doing multi-cam, multi-night even shoots.

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I Thought I Could Do Posts While Doing A Major Edit

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ….

Doing color correction on a multi-night four-camera shoot at the moment, and this guy is fantastic. Have visited his site many times over the years for photography and video editing insights.

This YouTube video of his finally made my understanding of the scopes in the reference monitor* gel, even though I have “used” them many times before.

Take the twenty minutes to watch this

But actually focus and you won’t have to keep revisiting the idea of using this to speed and improve the quality of your color correction.


P.S. Also this guy’s Premiere Pro – Adjusting Chroma – color or hue  (Jeff Sengstack, this is the intro to a lesson on which I should take the time and money to watch but in the meantime: +knowledge & back to work!

P.P.S. * In Creative cloud they moved the scopes to Windows> Lumetri Scopes.

Scopes on the premiere editing color correction layout

Scopes on the premiere editing color correction layout


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Win 10 Upgrade Failed Until I Disabled Network Device

That’s pretty much the whole post. I had a computer that did not want to upgrade (can’t blame it! 😉 ) and kept failing 2% into installation, after downloading and verifying the files. A lot of searches led me to registry tweaks and services and tips to disable security software. No go. Some other stuff also failed.

Fearing a corrupt drive I ran a disk check searching file system errors and for surface errors. Also no go. (By the way, this does catch some mysterious errors, though bad blocks in the surface scan are a sign of a failing drive so it’s time to replace it before they take out your system, because bad blocks spread like rust spots until your car floorboard lets your foot push through like Fred Flintstone.

So I didn’t quit because I was doing work on another computer and I would try something, go back to work, try another clever idea if it failed and so on. 

TIP:  Always have an extra monitor, mouse and keyboard available when troubleshooting so you aren’t staring only at the hateful computer that won’t work, which will taunt you. Plus you can Google troubleshooting steps to follow on the computer you aren’t continually rebooting, so they stay visible.

Anyway, long story edited: someone posted online how they disabled their network device after the installation files were verified and before the install began, so I tried that. Success!

They didn’t say it failed at the same point, and I probably could have disabled the network card earlier since the files were already downloaded, but it was fun to be precise and it feels like I magically made it happen now.


P.S. The free upgrade period for Windows 10 is over. Unless you are a user of Microsoft Assistive Technologies, like text to speech and voice control and the magnifier, or other add on devices, because that’s not shut off yet (no specific time frame set), but more able people are abusing those links so they are going to tighten up on it.

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