Filtered Through A Prisma

I have a love-hate relationship with my Android phone camera as you may know. Well, love-irritated relationship. I like my iPad Air camera even less since they didn’t bother putting a better camera in the iPad for far too long. It’s always lagged behind the iPhone in specs.

But I have been enjoying it today because of the Prisma app, only on iOS at the moment, from Using neural net and artificial intelligence, according to the developers, it repaints your photo in your choice of numerous artistic Styles in seconds, which you can save, post easily Instagram or Facebook, or forward to another app or site connected to your device. 

It’s not exactly a filter, but you can blend the Style result with your original by swiping, and when going into Instagram you can apply their filters as well. It saves your original if you take photos in the app, or you can open something from your camera roll. It works in square format only, so there’s a crop tool, which you can size with and rotate by 90° at a time. I urge you to consider the styles you might apply while you were planning and shooting the pictures because this can lead to some very excellent results.

It’s an iPhone app so it’s not sized to take advantage of the real estate on the iPad and I haven’t checked on the output resolution yet, but I won’t expect to print giant posters. Still it’s fun and inspires you to take different kinds of photos and edit and share. And that’s the kind of thing that inspired this blog.

So check it out.

I’ll probably talk more about it later, the Android version is planned for the end of July. Price: Free. Probably will have in-app purchases for more features — they have to pay for this stuff somehow — but very little info on the website at the moment. There seems to be a sponsored filter/feature from Palmolive right now.


P.S. Here’s a gushy review with some cool info that I found while looking for the main website (which is not, a strange little site has other gushy stuff about them….)

P.P.S. They make no ownership claims  on your work and I don’t see a line about not using the results commercially yourself though I may have missed it. They do get a license to use your creations royalty free without paying you, in pretty much any way they like, and forbid you from using otherwise copyrighted materials to start your creation, so no Mickey Mouse or Obama Hope photos, right? Just so you know going in. But that boilerplate is usually in place so they can promote their app and publish your material online in the first place. The Devil’s bargain we make to play on the Internet. 

Filtered Through A Prisma was originally published on Creative Uploads