Get: Cheap Quality HDMI Cables (plus…)

I’ve set up an Amazon store to share product links for items I am happy to own, to provide readers an honest recommendation and review from a real person. 

Twisted Vein HDMI Cables
Twisted Veins Two Pack of 6 ft. High Speed HDMI Cables + Right Angle Adapter and Velcro Cable Ties (Latest Version Supports Ethernet, 3D, and Audio Return).

Decent webbing-wrapped cables to connect both your devices for viewing or your devices for production (I use one now to take the HDMI off an old Canon HV20 digital tape recorder into a Ninja Digital Recorder I picked up from Adorama. Not only do the cables work great, but:

  • They come with a right-angle adapter to get around tight turns or reduce strain on a connection
  • Wish I had both cable and adapter on a shoot where I provided video monitoring to a puppeteer and damaged a long cable by stepping on it while moving the tripod.* This cable likely wouldn’t have bent enough to short out, or in the adapter the cable would have pulled safely out instead.
  • Free shipping available on orders over $35 (if you don’t already have Amazon Prime. What? You don’t? Just do this now and come back, I’ll wait. Try Amazon Prime Free for 30 Days)

I’m not going to write a sonnet for these: they work great, include Velcro ties since we forget that’s a good thing to use with cables, bonus adapter, and they are stylish enough that you know which ones are yours in the pile of boring black plastic ones when it’s time to pack up.


* At least it wasn’t the camera port, which I had feared!.

P.S. I still use my broken 15′ long white cable from Monoprice but not in production environments. If you set it down just right and don’t move it, it works fine. like when I am on a trip and want to plug the iPad into hotel tv to look at the day’s photos. Oh, there’s a bunch of little add-ones that make that easier too. Another time.

P.P.S. This other post has links to other items mentioned in this article so you can research them if interested, without having to go into a lot of detail here. (The items but not necessarily the store I used.)  Call them Really Useful Digital Video Recording Tools Vol. 1.

Note: I get a percentage of any sale made through my Amazon affiliate link at no additional cost to customers, which I think is fantastic. I’ve just used my order history to link literally to the exact products I am happy I bought, when possible to the same company my order came through inside the Amazon umbrella.


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