That is a weird-looking word. But the site is coming together and I have figured out the basic use of this tool, so now I could study it at length instead of moving forward with the reason I looked for the tool in the first place, or I can do what I came here to do.

It’s a decision everyone is faced with, whether the tool is a flashlight, butter knife, screwdriver, or, sometimes, yourself, and let’s be honest, I mean tool in all its variations on that last one, We’ve all been there.

Some people recognize a decision and make it, some people sidestep it, and some people don’t realize the decision is available and they have some input. (See the self-reflective tool definition above.)

I’m going to study along the way. Hey, look a second post! And that’s why I came here. I did something instead of just feeding my brain (good, but regurgitating can have its, ooh, that metaphor just wore out its unwelcome.)